SOLD – Bo-Ema A3

single group commercial lever

For sale as a completed project is my Bo Ema lever machine from the late 60’s, made in Revesby, Sydney. This is one of the only two single group machines I have ever seen, and has been restored to better than new condition.


Starting with a powdercoat for the aluminium base, this machine has been fully rebuilt with new seals and gaskets, and functionally improved with an autofill controller and solenoid valve, plus a modern pressurestat/SSR combo for perfect reliability. It’s had a new element, new group spring, new boiler insulation, new paintwork, new gauge, new tap handles and many other practical improvements, all together totalling roughly 100 hours of labour.


The final touch is a thorough bench test to fine tune pressure and temperature characteristics, this machine behaves exactly as a big commercial dipper style lever group should, with effortless consistent pours back to back once everything is properly warmed up.


If you’ve been looking for a vintage lever that’s ready for a new lifetime of service,¬†this might be the one. Get in touch to arrange a demo if you are interested.


This is a 10 amp (standard household power) machine and requires a plumbed mains water supply or flo-jet pump and drainage.